Each statement has three options Prioritise each option as follows:

  • 3 = is the most accurate description
  • 2 = characterises me to some extent
  • 1 = is the description that does not characterise me very well

1. THE EASIEST WAY TO LEARN IS by viewing. reading, and observing how the others carry out certain tasks by listening, discussing and doing according to verbal instructions by doing and experimenting by myself
2. WHEN BUYING CLOTHES I USUALLY MAKE THE DECISION ON THE BASIS OF by their appearance and looks their practicality and use how comfortable they are or how they feel
3. I SPEAK fast at the medium rate slowly
4. IN NEW SURROUNDINGS AND ENVIROMENT I USUALLY FIND THE PLACES with the help of a map by asking for directions by figuring out the places and directions on my own
5. WHEN I TRY TO RECALL CERTAIN PERSON I REMEMBER their faces their names the atmosphere and emotional aspects
6. IF I COULD CHOOSE MYSELF AN IDEAL HOME, IT WOULD please my easthetic taste is peaceful, calm and noiseless be a place where it is easy to move around
7. I IDENTIFY WORDS as visual or mental images by their sound by their taste/feel when I pronounce them
8. DURING LECTURES AND MEETINGS I often write down notes and use mind maps I enjoy discussion and arguments I look for action, do not like to sit in one place for long
9. I OFTEN ASK what does it look like? what does it sound like? what does it feel like?
10. I'M INSPIRED AND ENERGISED by beatiful sights by good music and sounds by sports and physical exercise
11. WHEN I TELL A STORY I accompany the storytelling with my hands and tell all facts very explicitly I proceed very systematically from A to B to C I am rather calm however I would rather show something than speak
12. MY POSE IS upright, and eye-contact is very important rather calm and relaxed, and eye-contact is not very important relaxed and comfortable

AS A LEARNER I AM visual auditive kinesthetic
total no of points learning by observing learning by listening learning by doing